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Why would I want to use a Dog Sign?

Dog Signs come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes and can be made out of wood, metal, aluminum, heavy card stock or classy custom made for your very special friend. They can be hung from fences, windows, gates, garages, anywhere that a sign can be posted in your yard or business to alert people about your dog. In some countries it is the law to display a legal warning that you have a dog running free. This can be anything that says "Dogs Roaming" or something to do with the breed such as "Pitbull Warning" or "Rottweiler Warning"

Signs play an important role today such as alerting visitors and making them aware you have a dog on the premises so common sense can be used when approaching the yard or business area. Even a gentle dog that has never hurt anyone can abruptly turn and bite if they are caught off guard by someone so this helps to keep your dog from being surprised in their own backyard.

Can I be prosecuted for not displaying the correct notice?

In some countries if somebody breaks into your house or trespasses on your land and your dog attacks them and you aren't displaying the correct sign then you can actually be held liable and taken to court. Some people may think that because you have a sign displayed before people enter your house or garden that you have a vicious dog, which is good for putting off potential robbers if you have dog or not!

What different dog signs are available on this site?

Sayings for signs come in a wide range varying from the serious warning "Beware of Dog" letting everyone know you mean business to the funny lighthearted "No Pooping Here" novelty signs. If you own a pet grooming company, you might want to put a sign above the bathing tubs "Slippery When Wet" just for fun and to help your staff be extra cautious. Magnetic signs are available for mailboxes and hanging signs for your car letting everyone know you have a "Dog on Board."

What sort of breeds do you list signs for?

At dog-signs.com we have a wide selection of breed specific breeds with everything from Poodle to Rottweiler and Pomeranian to Bearded Collie Dog Signs or even a rare breed such as a Siberian Shepard or a German Wirehaired Pointer so whatever type of dog you have, big or small you can have a sign hanging to warn intruders off whether it is serious or an ironic message.

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