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If you are the loving owner of a Great Dane and want to alert visitors of their presence before they enter your garden then there is no better way than with a Great Dane Sign that will prefix to your gate so they are not surprised with a dog running at them at full whack.

Another great benefit of using a warning sign is that it will make trespassers looking for somewhere to break into think twice about looking at your property knowing that you have a Great Dane inside, even if your dog is not aggressive or guarding in any way it will still put people off trying to break in.

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Dog Yard Sign Dog Yard Sign "Caution Area Patrolled By Great Dane Security Company"

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There are also Great Dane Novelty signs that are just used for a bit of fun, they could be “No Pooping Here” or a sign saying “The dog can reach the gate in 3 seconds, can you?” that still show a warning but in a light hearted way.

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